River of Cream

Hello! And welcome to Splendor in the Sticks, a website devoted to one Southern woman’s journey through her second act.

This page – River of Cream – is devoted to my watercolor painting. For a tour of the rest of the site, please click here to go to the “Gloss Gazette” page (or click on the tab at the top of the page) – and I certainly hope you will explore more of this site!

Why “River of Cream?” Great question! The name comes from something I wrote a long time ago about not realizing the many glorious, magical things occurring all around me on an everyday basis. I was too wrapped up in the drabness of my everyday life to see how wonderfully whimsical Life (with a capital “L,” you understand) actually was. So I was “living a skim milk life while standing in a river of cream.”

When I decided to devote myself to paying attention to my own life, things changed dramatically.  Among those changes was my decision to pick up a paintbrush and that choice eventually became the River of Cream Studio.

Here you can see paintings I have for sale, along with works that have already sold, but that might give you an idea for something you’d like me to create for you. We can talk about all of that – just use the “Contact” button at the top to get in touch with me. My paintings (these are all original works; nothing is a print) are surprisingly affordable. I firmly believe that we all need beautiful, fanciful things around us and I try to price my work in such a way that YOU can afford one or three of the things that call out to you while still paying me a living wage for the work that goes into creating the paintings.

I call that a “win-win”!

I’ve included the size of the painting with the description. All pieces are shipped unframed to allow you to select the mat and frame that best suits your own taste and style. Shipping costs via first class US Mail within the continental United States are included as part of the price. (If you want overnight shipping, that will be an additional cost, of course.) The price also includes North Carolina sales tax. (Sigh. The government does demand her share.)

You can get in touch with me about any of these works – or any ideas you may have for custom pieces – through the CONTACT ME button at the top of the page.


Click here to see current Artwork for Sale

Click here to see Sample Artwork – these pieces have already found new homes, but might give you ideas for other work you’d like to have me create!

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