One indispensable essential for any true Diva is some sort of creative activity she enjoys doing for herself. It may be cooking, or woodworking, or writing, or needlecraft. What form this takes doesn’t matter nearly as much as the consistency in making time for you to practice being creative. For me, it’s watercolor painting.

It’s a new hobby for me and I quickly discovered how much more centered I felt on the days when I carved out time to put brush to paper. I’m posting a few of my pieces here as a reminder that yes, you’re worth insisting on having some time to create! You might think you’re too busy, or that you don’t have any talent – neither of those things are true. While I don’t paint strictly to sell (I paint for the sheer delight it gives me to create something – and plenty of my efforts are — well, let’s just say that some of my efforts are unintentionally abstract!), if you see anything you like, please let me know! You can get in touch through the CONTACT US button at the top of the page.

All pieces are original paintings (not prints!) on paper. I’ve included the size of the piece with the description. All pieces are shipped unframed to allow you to select the mat and frame that best suits your own taste and style. Shipping costs (via first class US Mail) within the continental United States are included as part of the price.

Watermelon Slice – approx. 8″ square. $45.Watermelon

Geraniums – approx. 8″ square. $45.Geraniums

Blue Flowers – SOLDBlue Flowers

Sweet Peas – SOLDSweet Peas

Olive Branch – approx. 9″ x 5.5″ $60.Olive Branch

Spring Bouquet – SOLDBouquet

Cafe & Croissants – NFS (This one is my framed reminder of Divadom.)Cafe & Croissants

Cupcake – approx. 8 ” square. Sale Pending.Cupcake

Woman in Hat – approx. 9″ X 12″ $80.Girl in Hat

Hand with Bouquet – SOLDFrench Bouquet

Shotgun Shack – approx. 9″ x 12″ – $80.Shotgun Shack

Two Koi – SOLDKoi

Flamingo – SOLDFlamingo

Pink Parrot – approx. 9″ x 12″ $80.Pink Parrot