Diva Dispatch

Strangling the Excuses – the “Round Clean”

Well, here you are. You’ve decided that the Diva Path is the right one for you. You want to live life joyously, with abundance, and quite possibly with so much verve that people whisper “She didn’t use to be like that” but you’re not exactly sure how to start. Well, congratulations, Diva! You’ve done the […]

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Beginning – Again!

I’ve been away from Splendor for far too long, which is a regrettable shame. But now I’m back and – just like you – I need to re-learn the basics, so we’re going to do this together. As I’ve said before, part of the push to begin Splendor came from my personal whirligigging as I was buffeted […]

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Your First At-Home Spa Day!

Now that you’ve completed your prep work, you’re ready to – shhhhh! – actually have your very first at-home spa day! This can be as elaborate as you want it to be; the plans in this post are just suggestions to get you started. You might want to do more; you might want to do […]

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Prepping for the At-Home Spa

A retreat at the spa sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Someone (or maybe several someones!) would be devoted exclusively to making us feel pampered and decadent as our biggest decision of the day would be choosing between the coconut-banana facial and the rosemary-herb slimming wrap. And if you get to have those sorts of day, you go, […]

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The Essentials – The 12-Hour Vacation

When walking strutting along the Diva Path, a few things are simply essential. I’ve covered one of the most crucial basics, the French fairy godmother, in an earlier post. (You can search for all the essentials by searching for that tag in these posts, remember!) Now it’s time to discuss another one of a Diva’s […]

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Behind the Scenes of Self-Care

Many people who scoff at “self care” as being tree-huggy nonsense suffer from the misconception that self care is all about waking up, stretching and languidly announcing to the world that it just has to take care of you as you then simply swan about in an unending stream of bubble baths, Gregorian chants on […]

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The Essentials – a French Fairy Godmother!

When setting out on the path of Divadom, there are a few things that are properly classified as “essentials.” I’ll go over these in separate posts and you can always look for them by searching for the term “essentials.” Chief among the essentials is a French Fairy Godmother (hereinafter known as “FFG”). Now, don’t fret. […]

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Why Self-Care?

Look, Beyonce is right – girls run the world. But in the midst of taking care of everybody else, we sometimes forget our need to fill our own buckets. This can lead to a host of unpleasant symptoms, including lingering colds and bugs we can’t quite shake (that’s our bodies trying to get our attention), […]

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Why Be a Diva?

Let me be clear – I’m in favor of living the “diva life” and I’m not apologetic about that. But what’s the “diva life”? After all, some people hear “diva” and they think – “loud, demanding, impossible to please, stuck up, thinks everything must be arranged to suit her and her alone.” That sounds like […]

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