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Try Something New!

I’ve written before about the therapeutic effects of frequent, brief breaks from workaday life (regular readers will remember my devotion to the “12-Hour Vacation”) and I am completely convinced that these breaks allow me to return to my everyday life recharged and enthusiastic about the myriad responsibilities I juggle (usually, but not always, pretty well). Not … Continue reading Try Something New!

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Diva Stretch!

No, it’s not a yoga move or some sort of dance-Pilates-aerobics maneuver. It’s FAR more scary than that! It’s time to do what you think you cannot do – and I don’t mean touching your toes. You and I are, as Carl Sagan wisely noted, made of star stuff. No, really. The very iron molecules … Continue reading Diva Stretch!

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The Essentials – Strategic Retreat

Always, always, ALWAYS – when I stop actively living the lessons I’ve learned on my Diva journey,  I fall back into old, destructive habits. One of the worst of these for me is perfectionism. The problem with this insidious disease (and it IS a disease, make no mistake about it!) is that it doesn’t look … Continue reading The Essentials – Strategic Retreat

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September Resolutions!

I recently ran across the notion of “September resolutions” – intrigued, I read on. The idea seems to me to be a sound one – instead of making resolutions in January, when most of us are worn out, run down, and wondering how we’ll stretch the bank balance until the end of the month, why … Continue reading September Resolutions!

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Checking In!

It’s been a month since I took up my revised bullet journaling system, so it seemed like a perfect time for a check-in. I must say that – overall – I’ve been pleased with the outcomes and absolutely delighted with the efforts! Looking over the patterns of the last four weeks, I’m eating more “real” … Continue reading Checking In!

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All About the Follow-Through!

Back when I was working my way through Mme. Ferrs’s 30 Chic Days, (remember that you can access all the “30 Days” posts through the resources tab here on Splendor), I ran across her suggestion of “little and often.” That was on my mind quite a bit as  I participated in this spring’s #the100dayproject. Both of … Continue reading All About the Follow-Through!

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The Hundred Day Challenge

Popular wisdom (aka “some guy in a bar” and/or “the internet”) holds that it takes about three weeks (21 days) to form or break a habit. This is simply not true. To begin with, the three-week timeline is simply a rule of thumb – there are many variables and some habits take far longer to … Continue reading The Hundred Day Challenge

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The Essentials – Creative Action

Among the Essentials for any true Diva is some form of creative activity that brings her great joy. Note that I did not say that it needs to be something she is “good at” doing, nor does it need to be a money-making venture. (I maintain that we lost something Good and True when hobbies … Continue reading The Essentials – Creative Action

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Tiara Trip!

It took a bit of planning, but recently I went with five like-minded Divas on our first-ever (but not last-ever!) “Tiara Trip” (hereinfater called “TT”) and the consensus is that these journeys are now to be considered a fundamental part of our repertoire of self-care. To begin with – and I shouldn’t need to explain … Continue reading Tiara Trip!

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Bonus Day – Take Inspired Action

Yes, we have completed our official tour through Fiona Ferris’s 30 Chic Days, but she includes a “bonus day” at the end, so here’s one last post. How appropriate that this falls on New Year’s Eve as we pause at the threshold of a new year. On this final entry, Mme. Ferris encourages us to “take … Continue reading Bonus Day – Take Inspired Action

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