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The Essentials – Strategic Retreat

Always, always, ALWAYS – when I stop actively living the lessons I’ve learned on my Diva journey,  I fall back into old, destructive habits. One of the worst of these for me is perfectionism. The problem with this insidious disease (and it IS a disease, make no mistake about it!) is that it doesn’t look … Continue reading The Essentials – Strategic Retreat

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September Resolutions!

I recently ran across the notion of “September resolutions” – intrigued, I read on. The idea seems to me to be a sound one – instead of making resolutions in January, when most of us are worn out, run down, and wondering how we’ll stretch the bank balance until the end of the month, why … Continue reading September Resolutions!

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Checking In!

It’s been a month since I took up my revised bullet journaling system, so it seemed like a perfect time for a check-in. I must say that – overall – I’ve been pleased with the outcomes and absolutely delighted with the efforts! Looking over the patterns of the last four weeks, I’m eating more “real” … Continue reading Checking In!

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All About the Follow-Through!

Back when I was working my way through Mme. Ferrs’s 30 Chic Days, (remember that you can access all the “30 Days” posts through the resources tab here on Splendor), I ran across her suggestion of “little and often.” That was on my mind quite a bit as  I participated in this spring’s #the100dayproject. Both of … Continue reading All About the Follow-Through!

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The Hundred Day Challenge

Popular wisdom (aka “some guy in a bar” and/or “the internet”) holds that it takes about three weeks (21 days) to form or break a habit. This is simply not true. To begin with, the three-week timeline is simply a rule of thumb – there are many variables and some habits take far longer to … Continue reading The Hundred Day Challenge

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The Essentials – Creative Action

Among the Essentials for any true Diva is some form of creative activity that brings her great joy. Note that I did not say that it needs to be something she is “good at” doing, nor does it need to be a money-making venture. (I maintain that we lost something Good and True when hobbies … Continue reading The Essentials – Creative Action

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Tiara Trip!

It took a bit of planning, but recently I went with five like-minded Divas on our first-ever (but not last-ever!) “Tiara Trip” (hereinfater called “TT”) and the consensus is that these journeys are now to be considered a fundamental part of our repertoire of self-care. To begin with – and I shouldn’t need to explain … Continue reading Tiara Trip!

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Bonus Day – Take Inspired Action

Yes, we have completed our official tour through Fiona Ferris’s 30 Chic Days, but she includes a “bonus day” at the end, so here’s one last post. How appropriate that this falls on New Year’s Eve as we pause at the threshold of a new year. On this final entry, Mme. Ferris encourages us to “take … Continue reading Bonus Day – Take Inspired Action

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Day 30 – Immerse Yourself

For Day 30, Mme. Ferris really brings everything together by putting the focus on “immerse yourself in sensuous beauty.” What she’s suggesting here is that we consciously work every day to slow down and appreciate all of our senses. It would be very, very easy for this entry to be useless fluff, but she keeps … Continue reading Day 30 – Immerse Yourself

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Day 29 – Walk Your Errands

For Day 29, Mme. Ferris suggests that we “walk our errands.” For me, this was a nice reminder – you see, I’m visiting with my parents and this entry was a gentle nudge to go explore Uptown on foot. My husband and I parked the car at one end of the shopping area of Main … Continue reading Day 29 – Walk Your Errands

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