Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but divas don’t need diamonds to sparkle!

Hello and welcome to Splendor in the Sticks, a site devoted to “women of a certain age” who yearn to find balance in their overly-busy lives. We once knew how to play and take care of ourselves, but as we grew up, we took on more and more responsibilities in eleventy-hundred areas and we sort of . . . forgot.

It’s high time we remembered what amazing, incredibleMAGNIFICENT creatures we are and Splendor in the Sticks is here to help!

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I suggest beginning with the “Gloss Gazette” which will help you delve more deeply into making joy an everyday part of a thoughtful and deliberate lifestyle.

From there, read the “Why Be a Diva?” post and decide if this is for you. If it is, then you’re ready to move onto the first set of “Diva Drills.” These free and simple lessons will teach you the fundamentals of how to put yourself on your “to do” list. Think of them as “Happiness Homework”!

Come on in – and brace yourself for success!