Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but divas don’t need diamonds to sparkle!

Hello and welcome to Splendor in the Sticks, a site devoted to “women of a certain age” who yearn to find balance in their overly-busy lives. We once knew how to play and take care of ourselves, but as we grew up, we took on more and more responsibilities in eleventy-hundred areas and we sort of . . . forgot.

It’s high time we remembered what amazing, incredibleMAGNIFICENT creatures we are and Splendor is here to help!

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I suggest beginning with the “Gloss Gazette” (just click here) which serves as a sort of “About” page for Splendor and explains why making joy an everyday part of a thoughtful and deliberate lifestyle is such a worthy goal.

Come on in – and brace yourself for success!