30 Days

Following the publication of the “French paradox” theory* of dealing with the very Western-world challenge of what is currently termed “work-life” balance, books devoted to the “French lifestyle” (as if there was only one style!) saturated the market. Truly, there is something out there for everyone, whether you are just starting to live on your own, raising young children, trying to re-invent yourself for your Second Act, or at some other stage of your life.

One particular book that I’ve enjoyed is Fiona Ferris’s Thirty Chic Days: Practical Inspiration for a Beautiful LifeFerris is a Kiwi, living about as far from Paris as it’s possible to get while remaining on this planet. That hasn’t stopped her from developing a relationship with her own idealized French girl and this book is the result. (You may also really enjoy her blog, which you can reach by clicking here.) I’ve often thought about going through her book day by day, but one thing or another has always kept me from undertaking that project.

Together, we’re going to do it. For the next thirty days, I’m going to explore this book and I invite you to join me. Let’s see where we are in a month’s time!

*The “French paradox” theory marveled at the fact that the French eat rich foods like foie gras and a wide variety of full-fat cheeses, drink wine, view formal exercise with suspicion and work a 35-hour week, yet are long-lived and productive. Once you begin looking at the larger picture – which includes no snacking, small portions, meals eaten en famille, and frequent outdoors activities, the paradox seems less — well, paradoxical.