December Delights – Day 10!

Well, it was not the day I was expecting! We woke up to discover that our newest Fur had made a break for freedom. She was recovered only a few (very long and stressful) hours later, huddled next to the house next door, so there was a happy ending, but it was a very strange and anxiety-ridden day.

As a result, I may not have eaten as nobly as I planned (still have that fudgy frosting in the fridge!), but I wanted to put up a quick “December Delights” post to keep myself on track.

For the Reverse Advent Calendar, I added canned carrots. As I have said, we’re deep into the “add vegetables!” section of that project right now.

My “Dvia drill” today was a nap after we found our little Rivercat. It’s as if I was running on adrenaline and, once I didn’t need it anymore, I just crashed for a little while. I know we can’t always nap when we need/want to, which (to me) is all the more reason to seize those opportunities when we can – Carpe Somnum!

From the bookshelf, let me recommend an old favorite – Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance. Like any daybook, not all 366 (she includes Leap Day!) entries are going to stick the landing, but I have found a great deal of calm wisdom in her suggestions. She’s updated the book since, but my copy is from the original mid-90s run and references print catalogs and self-addressed stamped envelopes, along with treating cell phones as the purview of high-powered business executives, which has its own charm.

For the holidays, we sat and watched Elf, which neither of us had seen before. It’s sweet and charming and made me want to go to New York for the holidays. (Plus, what a cast!) We also saw Star in the Night, a short favorite that’s included as a “bonus feature” in the Barbara Stanwyck Christmas classic Christmas in Connecticut (which we’ll watch another night). It’s just over 20 minutes so take a break and watch this one. Yes, it’s so corny that Frank Capra would probably blush but it’s also so well done that I just don’t care. 

See you tomorrow!





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