Fall Sale!


I know many of you weren’t able to get out to the recent Show on the Square and one of you genius-women (thanks, LadyWine!) suggested an online show. So here we go!

I’ve created a curated sale here of 50 selected paintings, with prices beginning at $20. The size and price of each, along with the title, are under each thumbnail image. Click on the image to see the entire picture – details matter, after all! All prices include applicable sales tax (sigh – the government does demand her share!) and a few extra dollars should cover any mailing fees for my faraway fans. We can talk about that. I’d much rather ship works UNFRAMED – it saves so much money for you – although I’m happy to deliver framed works locally. Anything that is framed will be noted in the details and such paintings will include the base price, as well as the framed price. (Shipping will be extra, of course.) Buying three or more entitles you to an extra “volume discount” – we’ll have to discuss the exact terms of that.

If you’re interested in my work as greeting cards, postcards, or (why not?) totes or shower curtains, please check out my Redbubble store – here’s the link! The “default view” for my shop is set to show the works as greeting cards, but there are many other designs to suit your taste! And if you’re interested in having something HERE included over THERE, just let me know and I’ll add it to the Redbubble shop.

Contacting me to say “I want that painting and I’ll offer you X for it” (sure, I’ve listed prices, but I’ll take more!) or “I would really like to buy a pack of notecards with that painting titled “Y” on them; would you add them to your Redbubble shop?” is easy. Click on the CONTACT ME button at the top of the screen – it’s just after the ABOUT ME button up there and if you’re using a phone to view the site, click on the three lines (or dots) on the top right hand side of the screen to expand the site’s offerings on your phone and you’ll see it. Let me know what you have to say!

Online payment is easy! Once we talk and have settled any issues (you bought 5 and we negotiated the “volume discount,” you want to buy one unframed, I’ve figured out how much to add for mailing, etc.), payment can be sent via Venmo or PayPal – other possibilities we can discuss, of course. (But no giant stone coins from the Isle of Yap. I just don’t have the room.)

Questions? Use that handy “Contact Me!” button and I’ll get back to you.

Now for the paintings!