Diva Living in a Small Town

  • Even Divas Get the Blues

    Even Divas Get the Blues

    The time will come in every Diva’s life into which a little rain must fall – a time where, no matter how good and rich and full the Diva’s life is, things just seem bleak and drudge-filled. What are you to do during these times? Glad you asked! This might make my recent bout of…

  • Small Town Joys!

    Small Town Joys!

    This site is “Splendor in the Sticks” and I think it’s a good time to discuss that last word. All too often, it seems that ideas about self-care and everyday joys focus on what can be found in cities. Speaking strictly for myself, I enjoy visiting large cities – New York, London, and so on…

  • Delightful Imperfection

    Delightful Imperfection

    On its Very Best Day, social media is a double-edged sword. It can be all too easy to forget that what we see isn’t actually real, but is artfully curated through the use of make-up, cropping tricks, filters, and other Hollywood-comes-to-Main-Street trickery. I know this to be true, and I can still fall into the…

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