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  • Advent – Catch Up 3!

    Advent – Catch Up 3!

    We’re drawing close to the end of our Advent Adventure. I’ve learned a lot along the way and I saw those lessons in action in the last few days. Today, for example, I needed to run a few errands today (we’re spending the next few days hunkered down at home, so I wanted to have…

  • Advent 19 – Working on Waiting

    Advent 19 – Working on Waiting

    I came home today from spending a few days with my parents – it was a good visit and one that allowed me some time for reflection. It’s very  easy to get caught up in the hullabaloo of the holidays, especially the way Americans have “done” Christmas since WW2. (This article does a lovely job of…

  • Advent 18 – Birthdays & Unbirthdays

    Advent 18 – Birthdays & Unbirthdays

    This installment of Advent Adventure deals with celebration – always a good idea in my book. Today is my father’s 87th birthday. (We counted up today – it’s his 42d year of playing Santa and his 27th doing the “Pilots for Kids” visit [see yesterday’s post for details.]) Now, I’d argue that any of that…