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  • December Delights – Day 3!

    December Delights – Day 3!

    It’s a good idea here on Day 3 of “December Delights” to remember that none of this is intended to be a competition. The entire notion here is to spend some time seeking out and creating authentic experiences that reflect the actual values of the holiday season instead of getting tangled up in tinsel and appearances. …

  • Day 3 – Bathe Yourself in Mystique

    Day 3 – Bathe Yourself in Mystique

    Continuing with our “30 Chic Days,” I am pleased to report that my efforts on Day 2 (“Eat real food”) were positive. Remember, I picked three small changes to make – eat at least one piece of fruit and two vegetables and drink a large glass of water before bed.  For the fruit, I mixed…