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  • Breathless


    Often, self-care is about incorporating small moments of grace into an average, ordinary day in order to slow down and remember why you work so hard. Sometimes those small moments of grace need to give way to longer, more intense experiences – I often find that to be the case after finishing a large scale…

  • What’s Your Word?

    What’s Your Word?

    Ah – New Year’s Eve. A day I both love and abhor. I love the optimism that comes with looking forward to a new year, but I abhor the frantic feel of “let’s have fun!!!!” that so often pervades the day (and especially the night!). I plan to spend a quiet evening at home with…

  • You Are Magnificent – Right Now

    You Are Magnificent – Right Now

    As you know, I feel very strongly that perfectionism is an insidious disease against which kind people must be ever-vigilant. The essay portion of that life exam is, without a doubt, the holidays. As if the onslaught of constantly curated, Insta-ready lives isn’t bad enough the rest of the year, folks seem to double-down as…