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  • Set an Alarm

    Set an Alarm

    While I’ve been trying to live the Diva life for a number of years, there are still days where my goal of living with joie de vivre is occasionally overwhelmed by drudgery and complaint. Therefore, I feel qualified to address those grey and grimy days and how they, too, are part of the Diva journey. Ever…

  • Slow Essentials

    Slow Essentials

    From the beginning of Splendor, I’ve written posts about “the Essentials” – you can search for those posts using the search bar. These are items and concepts that I consider absolutely indispensable for the Diva lifestyle. I still have more of those to write, but with this post, I’m going in a slightly different direction and…

  • Slowing Things Down

    Slowing Things Down

    I’ve been writing about self-care in one form or another for years. I continue to do so because (1) I think taking time to care for oneself is important, (2) in our society, that need to care for oneself still needs to be normalized, and (3) I still need to be reminded of the first…