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  • December Delights – Day 25!

    December Delights – Day 25!

    Here it is – Christmas Day! I hope that, in the midst of the tinsel and discarded wrapping paper, you had a few moments of peace and calm to think about the True Gifts of the season. Tomorrow, we’ll drop off our Reverse Advent Calendar box; we just have two more items to add. Today…

  • Day 25 – Collect Contentment

    Day 25 – Collect Contentment

    For Day 25 of our tour through 30 Chic Days by Fiona Ferris, the suggestion is to “collect contentment in petite measures.” What a lovely idea on Christmas Day! Much of today’s entry centers around looking inward rather than outward to find contentment. So often, we compare our situation to that of others and think we come up short,…