December Delights – Day 25!

Here it is – Christmas Day! I hope that, in the midst of the tinsel and discarded wrapping paper, you had a few moments of peace and calm to think about the True Gifts of the season.

Tomorrow, we’ll drop off our Reverse Advent Calendar box; we just have two more items to add. Today put another can of fruit into the collection – I chose pineapple slices

Everything else today is about good cheer and restful joy. For today’s Diva drill, just enjoy what is and don’t worry about what isn’t. You probably didn’t get everything done that you planned to do (For example, I was supposed to set out luminaries along the front edge of the yard and it Just Didn’t Happen. But it didn’t happen for the best of all reasons – I was enjoying the people I was with and being of use to people I love. So you know what? I’ll set them out for New Year’s Eve and it’ll be just fine.) Enjoy the gentle chaos of presents and laughter. Yes, the house will probably be in turmoil a bit. Something may be spilled on the tablecloth. A good dish may be dropped during clean-up. One of the kids may take a tumble. Throw some club soda on the spill, sweep up the broken pieces, kiss the skinned knee and be glad for those around you. 

If you’re in a more of a “bah, humbug” mood, take Christopher Moore’s The Stupidest Angel down from the bookshelf and curl up with the ridiculous tale of a Christmas gone terribly wrong in the town of Pine Cove, which features the most random collection of people (and one very dashing fruit bat) you’re ever likely to meet. 

As for holiday celebration today – it’s the whole day. Do what makes your heart glad.

And come back tomorrow!





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