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  • Breathless


    Often, self-care is about incorporating small moments of grace into an average, ordinary day in order to slow down and remember why you work so hard. Sometimes those small moments of grace need to give way to longer, more intense experiences – I often find that to be the case after finishing a large scale…

  • Preparing


    So you’ve made the decision to take a break. To call a halt. To kick back. Call it what you will, but you probably should have done it earlier. But let me warn you, dear Divas, you cannot just stop everything and expect your break to be restorative. Oh, no. All good things in life…

  • The Essentials – Say “Yes!”

    The Essentials – Say “Yes!”

    I’ve been neglectful of the Diva Dispatch of late – it’s been busy at my day job, and there have been some hard days in our comfortable house as we had to realize that we needed to say good-bye to La Belle Chance, our sweet-hearted rescue hound. These are horribly difficult decisions, but I firmly…