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  • Taking Your Time

    Taking Your Time

    Yesterday, July 24, was International Self-Care Day. I had planned to post then, but I was so busy making and taking time to look after myself, that I simply put it off until today. Something about that just seems incredibly appropriate, doesn’t it? Here at Splendor, we believe in taking care of ourselves so that…

  • Self-Care Sunday – 4

    Self-Care Sunday – 4

    I said at the beginning of this “self care year” that I hoped to post once a week. Well, that clearly hasn’t happened, but I’m giving myself permission to be be gentle with myself in view of all that’s going on – in addition to a house-hunt following the just-before-Christmas sale of our little bungalow,…

  • Roses and Notes

    Roses and Notes

    Being a “woman of a certain age” in the first part of the 21st century means that I have a unique set of skills, some of which seem hopelessly outdated. For example, in my shoulder-padded and spiral-perm-with-mousse high school days, I took “typing” class as opposed to “keyboarding.” Entire class periods were devoted to typing…