Taking Your Time

Yesterday, July 24, was International Self-Care Day. I had planned to post then, but I was so busy making and taking time to look after myself, that I simply put it off until today. Something about that just seems incredibly appropriate, doesn’t it?

Here at Splendor, we believe in taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of our families, communities, and the larger world. You simply can’t give of yourself if you are scorched to the point of burnout. So this seems like the perfect time to re-visit this basic pillar of the Splendor philosophy. Straighten your tiara and dive in with me!

First, remember that self-care is not self-indulgence. We are Divas in the original Latin meaning of the word – “goddess.” Look – without women doing so much of the scut work behind the scenes, civilization as we know it crumbles. All too often, the mundane tasks that have to get done to keep the world spinning on its axis aren’t seen, much less appreciated. Laundry, straightening the kitchen counters, keeping the bird feeders full and the flowers watered, school lunches, permission slips, car pools, sweeping the front stoop and adding a flowerpot, along with all those other little touches that make a house a home – many of us do it all, every day, often in addition to working outside the home. To do all of this is not the work of a drudge – it is Love made visible. And to do all of this well is the task of a goddess. (Hestia, to be more precise.)

Therefore, it is crucial that we treat ourselves well. Fortunately, this isn’t hard to do once the decision to do it is made. THAT’s the hard part! I urge you to re-dedicate yourself to this goal. Treat yourself well – eat good food, drink plenty of fresh water, sleep well, be involved in a cause that matters to you, and don’t accept cheap imitations in these areas! (Divas do not drink instant coffee, for example.) Regularly treat yourself to rejuvenation, whether that is a day spent hiking with the dog, a warm bath with a good book, sinking your toes into the sand, a manicure, or trying something new like painting, pottery, or horseback riding. Find a few Divas (book clubs are a great place to start with this, by the way) who share your goals and build community – bake a cake for a sick friend, watch the children so their mother can attend a swing dancing class, go to a minor league baseball game as part of a group. And be willing to ask for help and not just take on being the helper all the time!

Need a little help to get started? You can always try the “Diva Drills” here on Splendor. (Those are found under the “Resources” tab.) But these links could also be useful.

Consider this your first homework assignment:

Scatter joy, Divas!






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