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  • What’s Your Word?

    What’s Your Word?

    Ah – New Year’s Eve. A day I both love and abhor. I love the optimism that comes with looking forward to a new year, but I abhor the frantic feel of “let’s have fun!!!!” that so often pervades the day (and especially the night!). I plan to spend a quiet evening at home with…

  • You Are Magnificent – Right Now

    You Are Magnificent – Right Now

    As you know, I feel very strongly that perfectionism is an insidious disease against which kind people must be ever-vigilant. The essay portion of that life exam is, without a doubt, the holidays. As if the onslaught of constantly curated, Insta-ready lives isn’t bad enough the rest of the year, folks seem to double-down as…

  • Even Divas Get the Blues

    Even Divas Get the Blues

    The time will come in every Diva’s life into which a little rain must fall – a time where, no matter how good and rich and full the Diva’s life is, things just seem bleak and drudge-filled. What are you to do during these times? Glad you asked! This might make my recent bout of…