Day 1 – Have a Paris State of Mind

Lip MaskFor our very first day in our 30-day adventure, Mme. Ferris advises us to “Have a Paris state of mind.” This is an excellent way to both ease into this month-long project and commit to the process. Personally, I’m starting this adventure in a very NON-Paris state of mind – there’s been sickness in my house for the last ten days and today a dreary December rain is dripping down from the leaden sky. I do not feel chic and stylish and clever; in fact, I feel decidedly non-chic, non-French, and non-poised. Using the idea of a “Paris state of mind” (which will be different for everyone, of course), I’ve decided to make an effort. As Ferris reminds her readers, this first day is about “acting as if.” Therefore, I have resolved to wash the sheets, take out the garbage (two coughing, congested adults mean plenty of trash!), air out the sickroom, then play some sprightly music (I love Pink Martini and thanks to streaming music stations, I can listen to them any time I want to) and apply a cranberry & pomegranate lip mask that I found in my stash of spa products. I’ve never used a lip mask before, so let’s see what it’s all about!

Check in with me tomorrow for an update on how Day 1 went and to see what Mme. Ferris has in store for us on Day 2!






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