Day 7 – Honour Your Body with Chic Movement

I had great fun being my own “French aunt” from Day 6! I bookmarked a couple of blogs, spent some time dipping into Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty and added The Elegance of the Hedgehog to my snowstorm reading pile. About a week in to this experiment and I’m definitely noticing a few things – I’m far more likely to eat “real food” instead of processed junk (although I fear the looming snowstorm might undo that for a day or two!), I take breaks during the day to touch up my makeup, use lotion on my sandpaper-dry hands (winter is not kind), and take the stairs or the “long way” far more frequently.

Mature rich woman walking her poodleWhich brings us to Day 7. Mme. Ferris’s suggestion for today is “Honour your body with chic movement” and I’m forgiving her for the extra “u” since she hails from New Zealand. While she is fine with all sorts of movement – running, dancing, gardening, sports, etc. – she really concentrates on the simple act of walking. It is, as she points out, cheap, easy, and anyone can start doing it without special lessons or equipment. Knowing that bad weather is predicted beginning tomorrow and lasting for a couple of days, I went ahead and made plans to meet this challenge.

I enjoy walking. As I said in the first paragraph of this post, I’m using the stairs more often and looking for “long cuts” instead of shortcuts these days. She suggests incorporating walking into errands, which is a solid suggestion. One way to do this is to park in the back of the parking lot and get in a few hundred steps that way. She also suggests making a list of why you can’t exercise daily right now, then crossing out the reasons on that list that seem to be excuses. It’s a good idea – and one I’ll report on tomorrow!





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