Day 13 – Indulge in Your Femininity

Hoo, boy. OK, for Day 13, Mme. Ferris suggests that I “indulge in my femininity” and this one deserves a bit of a rant from me. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed her suggestions and I even think this one has some good points. However, I think this particular entry is, to use a Southernism, just precious beyond words. Mme. Ferris has a very narrow and restrictive view of femininity and I found myself rolling my eyes a few times and seriously contemplating flinging the book at the wall with a strong shoulder movement and definite follow-through, which she would probably find “mannish.”

So let’s tackle this one.

One version. ONLY one version!

To begin with, once I calmed down from her vapid list of “feminine pursuits” which included “designing my own bespoke perfect capsule clothing collection” and (I kid you not) “spinning wool,” I re-read the entry. She’s got some good basic, big-picture ideas here, but she stumbles – badly – in the specifics. (Aside – you think that “spinning wool” is a gentle, soft activity, Mme. Ferris? I come from the textile belt of North Carolina, where mill owners employed six-year-olds to work the looms for pennies a 14-hour-day, so no, thank you.)

Let’s get this said loudly and clearly – femininity is what you say it is. I’ve got a talented friend who creates amazing art with a blowtorch. I’ve got another friend who is a dedicated gamer. I’ve got friends who relax with needlecraft and I’ve got friends who compete in triathlons. I personally list the completely over-the-top Sweet Potato Queens as role models. The idea that I need to sit in a brocade chair with my ankles demurely crossed whilst I read Little Women in order to be feminine is malarkey of the highest order.

Now, she does have some good ideas in here. They may not be your cup of whiskey, but it wouldn’t hurt to try a few of them out. For instance, I’ve started playing background music while I write these posts. YouTube is fantastic and I’ve found a few French playlists that set the mood when I read my daily “practical inspiration” and again when I write my daily posting. (Try this one. Or this one, which is a suggestion of hers.) She makes some suggestions about dressing in a comfortable, but not sloppy, style that I found worthwhile, including the idea of getting rid of sleepwear and lingerie that’s worn or utilitarian in favor of items that are pretty – but for heaven’s sake, you decide what the term “pretty” means to you! Wearing perfume every day won’t be for everyone, although it’s something I’ve gotten in the habit of doing. Taking a few minutes to brush your hair and add a touch of make-up, even if you’re “only” going to be at home is another suggestion that I like.

Overall, Day 13 was the first time on the 30 Chic Days journey that I thought Mme. Ferris had taken a leap away from her good senses. Well, we all get the occasional misfire.

Let’s re-group tomorrow, shall we?





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