Day 15 – Cultivate Serenity

Now HERE’s a “practical inspiration” I can totally support! For Day 15, Mme. Ferris suggestion is to “cultivate serenity and calmness in your life.” Even better, she provides some real-world tips on doing so.

She’s not suggesting that the world change – in fact, she points out that there will always be stressful, maddening situations and people in your life. But we each can choose how we react. Her first tip is to simply decide to be calm. This is especially useful advice at this time of year. The holidays can be incredibly stressful as people rush around, determined to create a “perfect” holiday despite crowded parking lots, stores, and foul weather. Be kind – to yourself, yes, but also to others. People aren’t actually out to get you – they just want that parking space. Decide whether it’s worth getting so worked up over.

Hey-and-Other-Great-Subject-Lines-ideal-for-Marketing-EmailA suggestion of hers that I immediately put into practice was to unsubscribe. Over the years, I’ve added my name to a number of e-mail lists. Mme. Ferris points out that, if I’m deleting them without even looking at them, well – I’m not going to miss the deal of the century and I’ll feel better de-cluttering my inbox. She was totally on target on this one. I still have some more weeding to do, but it felt really, really good to start unsubscribing!

She also suggests tidying up the little stressors in your life. This can be as simple as fixing that drippy faucet that you keep saying you’ll get around to one day or clearing out that stack of mail that’s piled up over the last few days as you were overwhelmed with other tasks (ahem. That one’s on me).

We all deserve a quiet, calm life. While we can’t mold the entire world into exactly what we’d like, there are some things we can do and some steps we can take to make things easier.

So why not do them?

We’re halfway through now! Come back tomorrow to start the second half of our 30 Chic Days!





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