Day 17 – Take Care of Your Grooming

Day 17 is actually “take exquisite care of your grooming,” which sounds much better! Mme. Ferris points out that it’s very common for French girls to begin visiting a dermatologist to learn the intricacies of skincare at a young age, but that even if you didn’t have that experience, it’s not too late to start. Paying attention to your grooming is a wonderful way to reinforce all the good self-care habits we’re learning during these 30 Chic Days. It doesn’t take very long and it certainly doesn’t need to be expensive. There are a number of reasonably-priced drugstore products, and the supermarket has plenty of items that are useful in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. For example, a simple regimen of olive oil to remove makeup, witch hazel to tone, and coconut oil to moisturize is an excellent start. Don’t ignore your neck, décolletage, and your hands. Mme. Ferris suggests being generous with hand cream and lip balm, too.

CollageIn this entry, she also talks about makeup, hair care, and looking after your nails; all of which is good advice. Yes, it takes a little extra time and not everything needs to be done every day – but you do need to make yourself a priority!

Case in point – I knew today was going to be busy, as it was the “travel day” for a short vacation. I didn’t do anything with makeup today, since I knew I’d be packing, then driving for most of the afternoon, and then getting the beach place set up with making beds, unpacking, buying groceries, and so on. But I did take the time to wash and blow-dry my hair instead of just letting it go another day (or two!). Mme. Ferris also suggests making time during the day for little two-minute touch-ups, which is something I’ve been trying to do since Day 4 (“Make up your eyes”) and I can testify that it really does make a difference.

By the way, it’s also a very good idea to take regular at-home “spa days” to indulge in a face mask, careful manicure (or pedicure!), facial steam, or some other not-everyday “treatment.” To help you get started, here’s a link to a post about how to set up an at-home spa day and here’s another one about what to actually do on an at-home spa day, complete with shopping list and recipes.

So take a few extra minutes tonight – and tomorrow morning – to take care of your skin and to do it with intention. Once this becomes a habit, you’ll be amazed that you managed without it for so long.






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