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  • Self-Care Sign In – 21

    Self-Care Sign In – 21

    For about five weeks now, I’ve started nearly every day with a short meditation followed by a few minutes of stretching to work these stiff joints of mine. The difference is amazing and is an excellent example of how self-care can have a truly beneficial impact on your everyday life. I’ve done meditation in one…

  • Self-Care Sign In – 20

    Self-Care Sign In – 20

    And a Merry Halloween to you all! It’s a holiday I love, but this year has been a strange one. I have some decorations up in the house, but I didn’t really get into a costume or a full-scale party or doing much for the little trick-or-treaters. There’s a cauldron of candy outside the front…

  • Self-Care Sign In – 19

    Self-Care Sign In – 19

    Yesterday (Oct. 10) was World Mental Health Day. While much of the stigma associated with talking openly and honestly about the importance and challenges of mental health is fading, we have a long way to go. So let me beat the drum again on this issue – self-care is a crucial part of building and…