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  • December Delights – Day 14!

    December Delights – Day 14!

    I had the sort of day today that I hope and wish you have during the holidays. So much has changed this year and we’ve all been spinning plates and juggling flaming swords while riding a unicycle along the tightrope (all without a net, of course!) to the point that we can’t even contemplate Just.…

  • Day 14 – Design the Life of Your Dreams

    Day 14 – Design the Life of Your Dreams

    For Day 14 of our 30 Chic Days journey, Mme. Ferris suggests that we each “design the life of our dreams.” Here, she seems to be back on the beam, since she emphasizes that each of us is likely to have a different idea of what our “ideal life” will look like and I’m grateful…