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  • December Delights – Day 22!

    December Delights – Day 22!

    It sometimes seems that the closer we get to the actual holiday, the busier we get with the holiday! Dec. 22 was one of those days for me and – let me emphasize this strongly – that’s okay, provided we don’t get (to use a lovely Southernism) “tore out of frame.” For me, the day…

  • Day 22 – Rest and Repose

    Day 22 – Rest and Repose

    Usually, when I read the daily entry in 30 Chic Days, I highlight a few parts and add the occasional inked star to emphasize a part I especially like or underline a phrase that really resonates with me. For Day 22, “Build rest and repose into your daily routine,” I finally just dog-eared the starting page…