December Delights – Day 22!

It sometimes seems that the closer we get to the actual holiday, the busier we get with the holiday! Dec. 22 was one of those days for me and – let me emphasize this strongly – that’s okay, provided we don’t get (to use a lovely Southernism) “tore out of frame.”

For me, the day was taken up with task after task and I could have easily gotten my head turned around during what is intended to be a season of calm and joy. Breathe deeply, look for moments of calm, and regard others with kindness. We’re all doing the level best we can and that looks different for each of us, especially this year! Do your utmost to spread light, rather than chaos. (Chaos doesn’t need any help – it spreads quite well on its own. Light, on the other hand . . . )

Today, I added rice to the Reverse Advent Calendar box – only a few more items to go!

For everything else, it was time to start celebrating – yes, in our house, we went ahead after a busy, busy day with more to follow and began celebrating Christmas. Some of the best advice I ever received was to not be tied too tightly to the calendar. Plus, it’s important for families to create their own traditions for the holidays – I’ve seen a lot of cranky people on Christmas Day – the build-up can just be crushing. Add in huge family gatherings that count on a fair degree of punctuality and insist on cheer despite the inevitable delays of traffic and travel (and that’s without the added stress of Covid Christmas!) – well, eating buttercream-frosted cookies with Mahalia Jackson’s sublime contralto voice singing gospel in the background while you and your Beloved exchange presents on the 22d looks like a Very Wise Choice.  

So – today’s Diva drill was to enjoy Christmas treats – to open presents and eat cookies. To text friends and enjoy the warm glow of a snug house on a cold, clear winter’s night. To count blessings and show gratitude. 

From the bookshelf is an old favorite – Norman Rockwell’s Christmas Bookwhich is a collection of carols, stories, poems, and memories (and Fannie Farmer’s recipes for a Christmas dinner ranging from Clam and Oyster Soup, Roast Goose, assorted vegetables, three kinds of pie, ending with crackers, cheese, and Cafe Noir!)

Holiday prep – find a new-to-you Christmas movie! For us, we discovered The Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell as Santa Claus. The entire movie is charming and lovely, with an especially nice scene in a Chicago jail populated by Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. 

See you tomorrow!





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