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  • December Delights – Day 8!

    December Delights – Day 8!

    Walking the path of self-care isn’t always easy – we know it’s not all about bubble baths and golden beaches. Some days are downright hard, and unfair, and grimy, and, and, and . . . that’s no excuse to ignore taking care of your soul so you can help heal the world. I had to…

  • Day 8 – Be Beautifully Positive

    Day 8 – Be Beautifully Positive

    To begin our second week of 30 Chic Days, Mme. Ferris gently suggests that I work to “be beautifully positive.” This is an excellent time for this suggestion, as I got wildly off-track today. In my corner of western North Carolina, snow/sleet/freezing whatsis is predicted to begin today and continue for about two days. While…