Day 8 – Be Beautifully Positive

To begin our second week of 30 Chic Days, Mme. Ferris gently suggests that I work to “be beautifully positive.” This is an excellent time for this suggestion, as I got wildly off-track today. In my corner of western North Carolina, snow/sleet/freezing whatsis is predicted to begin today and continue for about two days. While North Carolina has many wonderful attributes, the ability to deal with frozen precipitation is not one of them and I would greatly prefer to over-prepare than under-prepare. (I’ve ridden out some massive ice storms in my time – they are never fun and they are far less fun when you’re caught off-guard.) My efforts to engage in “chic movement” (Day 7) turned out almost comically badly. I rushed around, didn’t eat properly (or at all, really) until after noon, and let my serenity slip through my fingers. I was pretty far from cultivating mystique, barely took a chance to brush my teeth (eye make-up? No. Not at all), and was, in general, fairly snarly.

Well, the journey is about progression, not perfection.

980xIt’s now the beginning of the evening, sleet is pelting down on the roof, and me and mine are snug in our little home. The cats are checking out the Christmas tree (which we transported in the cold rain in a top-down convertible. Never let it be said that I’m not aware of the story-building aspects of my life), the bedroom is moderately tidy, and I shut myself in the bathroom for a bubble bath and a change of perspective.

And all that is okay. Yes, I wish I’d tended my inner garden more ardently today instead of letting negative thoughts take over, but I sometimes (all right, often) learn by going in the wrong direction. Mme. Ferris reminds me that the goal is to feel light and uplifted and I can do that by tending to my health (eating real food, drinking plenty of water, getting rest) and working to replace whiny, negative thoughts with gratitude and positivity.

So today wasn’t my best of my 30 Chic Days. That’s okay. I can be a work in progress. Being willing to attempt these sorts of baseline changes makes me a masterpiece already and surely that thought is a good example of being “beautifully positive.” After all, I’d be kind to a good friend who was trying to take this journey – shouldn’t I be as kind to myself?

Yes. I think I should.

So rejoin me tomorrow for Day 9!






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