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  • The Essentials – Pajama Day!

    The Essentials – Pajama Day!

    Please note that this Essential is not referencing a day spent in your pajamas because you’ve pushed yourself too far for too long and wound up suffering from one of those “opportunistic bugs” that tends to go around at this time of year. We’re not talking about a day spent on the couch surrounded by half…

  • Advent 17 – Santa

    Advent 17 – Santa

    OK – this post is a direct copy from a post I made on my previous blog, Mockingbird’s Nest, back in 2012, but it bears repeating tonight. I’m at my childhood home visiting my parents. Dad turns 87 tomorrow and I spent part of tonight watching him play Santa at the World’s Very Best BBQ Joint,…

  • Advent – Catch Up 2!

    Advent – Catch Up 2!

    The end of the semester needed concentrated attention from me over the last few days, and I made the right-for-me decision to let posting wait until after those responsibilities had been fulfilled. I kept working on my Advent Adventure during this time so this will be a bit of a catch-up posting. And you know…