Why Self-Care?

Look, Beyonce is right – girls run the world. But in the midst of taking care of everybody else, we sometimes forget our need to fill our own buckets. This can lead to a host of unpleasant symptoms, including lingering colds and bugs we can’t quite shake (that’s our bodies trying to get our attention), resentment, energy lag, and what Sarah Ban Breathnach has called “scrambled or fried?” which is the fantasy of dropping all our responsibilities and running away to start a new life far away as a diner waitress where the biggest question we have to deal with each day is whether a customer wants their eggs scrambled or fried.

So – we need to take good care of ourselves so we can continue to give to and nurture others.

For so many baby divas, this sounds like blasphemy. We’re so used to putting ourselves last on the list (if we’re even on the list!) that to do the simple tasks on the weekly Diva Drills just sounds selfish and narcissistic.

That’s wrong and bone-headed, but you probably don’t believe me. Would you feel better knowing there’s science behind it?


Cats – Masters of Self-Care!

When you engage in mindful, self-caring activities, you’re helping your brain build new neural pathways. To be hyper-technical, you’re engaging in building neuroplasticity in the brain. This is the ability to grow new neurons and form new connections. Neuroplasticity is what helps us see situations clearly, think creatively, and respond effectively. It’s what gets us out of the reactive mode of “fight/flight/freeze” where our cognitive function is noticeably slower. Self-care, including using mindfulness and breathing techniques, helps move us into the “flow state,” where we get more accomplished with far less effort.

No kidding. It’s in the April 2015 issue of National Review of Neuroscience. 

So instead of arguing with science, why not wake up your brain with some slow, simple stretches (even a few you can do under the covers!) and explore Splendor in the Sticks?






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