Day 2 – Eat Real Food

Report from Day 1: It helps tremendously that I (finally) feel like my “regular self” again. There’s nothing like feeling healthy after being sick to make me want to bustle around and “detoxify” the house! I gave myself a bit of a French pep talk and put myself into “as if” mode. The end results included a straightened house (all the better for my still-sick husband) and the mantelpiece being decorated for the holidays.  The lip mask was a hoot – those things are comically oversized, but I decided that since I’d started indulging myself, a hot bath and a book wouldn’t be a bad idea. All that and chores done? Maybe there’s something to this “Paris state of mind . . . ”

main-how-to-make-lemon-waterFor Day 2, Mme. Ferris lists “Eat real food” as the goal. It’s common knowledge that the modern American diet is just atrocious, relying far too much on sugar (and its substitutes like high fructose corn syrup), unhealthy fats, and preservatives. For many of us, it’s not a matter of not knowing how to eat properly; we simply don’t do it. Mme. Ferris suggests making small changes and making them one at a time, instead of trying to get diet-righteous all at once. Very well – that may be a good place for me to begin. Having spent the last ten days in a state of sickness, I haven’t been eating much of anything. So today, the small changes will be – at least one piece of fruit and two vegetables before the end of the day and a large glass of water before bed. Simple and – if I make it a set routine – effective.

Check in tomorrow – I’ll report on how Day 2 went and we’ll move together on to Day 3 of our 30 Chic Days. Meanwhile, what can you do today to “eat real food”?






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