Day 4 – Make Up Your Eyes

First, a quick report on the results of Day 3 – “Bathe yourself in mystique.” Without a doubt, this was the first one that I really balked at, in part because it just sounded so out of character. But what Mme. Ferris is suggesting is not a Mata Hari-level of intrigue (which is good, given how badly things turned out for her in the end). Rather, Day 3’s tip is about creating a zone of privacy around yourself through diverting personal questions and using the graceful dodge to accept compliments without minimizing them. In other words “thank you for noticing” goes much further in cultivating mystique than “this old thing? I got it on sale and look – it doesn’t really fit me” does. This is an area I need to work on – I’m quite American in my attitude of “hey, we’re all best friends here! Let’s talk about our personal lives over coffee, even if I’ve only known you a day!” That isn’t really creating intimacy or connection, as it centers far more on mememe, instead of letting the other person take center stage (preferable as I smile encouragingly and sip something delicious and hot).

close-eyes-bright-makeup-260nw-164214080Day 4, on the other hand, is squarely centered on me, so I think I’ll like it, selfish little piglet that I so often am. Make up your eyes. Hmm. This is interesting to me – mascara is my “go to” cosmetic and I’m very acquainted with eyeliner. But I tend to do my make up in three minutes flat, so maybe it’ll do me some good to slow down and play.  While it is actually very French to not have a fully-painted face, Mme. Ferris is also correct that having your eyes made up allows you to have a more polished look throughout the day or evening than lipstick alone does, as it wears off. Mme. Ferris suggests taking in a few YouTube videos, so I have a few on deck for this experiment and tomorrow’s report.

Follow along or find a few of your own, if you want to!

  • I have blue eyes, so I plan to start with 12 Make Up Tutorials for Blue Eyes, although most of them seem a bit much for everyday.
  • Not a video, but check out the book featured in this piece! 
  •  Look, I’m not dewy and 20, so this one is on my list.
  • While the host in this one is not a “woman of a certain age,” nor is the focus on eye makeup, but it doesn’t matter. This is absolute gold and must be watched (but in secrecy. Otherwise, They will find out our secrets.) Not gentle language and the sound of water running over stones, but that won’t matter, as you’ll be laughing too hard to hear it anyway.

Come back tomorrow for a report – and maybe even pictures! (But I promise nothing. Pictures might lessen my mystique! Hey – I’m starting to see how all this flows together!)





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