Day 12 – Curate Your Wardrobe

For Day 12, Mme. Ferris actually gets a bit wordy and suggests that I “Curate my wardrobe like it is your own bijou boutique,” which seems rather lengthy for a blog title, so I took some license. However, her advice here, despite the long title, is sound. We tend to collect far, FAR too many clothes. The rooms in French apartments and houses tend to be small, with armoires being used for hanging clothes instead of large closets, so one part of the classic French clothing style is a “capsule wardrobe” of excellently-made clothing, mostly in neutral shades like grey, navy, black, and white. She also points out that high-end boutiques have the clothes lovingly spotlighted and displayed, not crammed without reason on overstuffed racks. So why not apply the “less is more” attitude to our own closets?

I’m not at the capsule wardrobe stage yet, but I have sorted through my clothes and donated almost everything that doesn’t fit me, regardless of how stylish or expensive it may have been. (I made an exception for a very limited number of pieces that have tremendous sentimental value. Progress, my Divas. Not perfection. And if you prefer to sell or consign, peace be upon you. I do a bit of that, too.)

ArmoireSince I’ve weeded my closet (and dresser) before, I thought this would be a snap. To be fair, it wasn’t much trouble, but I still have a few things that should have been long gone. Mme. Ferris suggests making a list of what your dream self would wear – don’t worry about the cost at this stage; just dream. Consider what your style icons wear and add some of those pieces to your list if you like. Now look at that list and start playing in your closet – what do you already have that fits your ideal list and what do you need to be on the lookout to add? For instance, I really want one single perfect for me white cotton long-sleeved blouse – a complete staple that I do not currently have.

Resist the temptation to hold on to clothes that no longer fit you or that you’re keeping out of obligation – clear out the space for items that are beautifully, gorgeously you and the Universe will work to make them cross your path. I know that sounds at least slightly crazed but I’ve seen it happen in my own life again and again.

Keep track of your ideas in a small notebook you carry in your bag – use the same one you use to jot down daydreams and quotes and paste in pictures of things that inspire you – clothes and rooms and gardens and so on. I’ve done this before, but had gotten out of the habit, so I dug around to find my “dream book” and tucked it in my bag. But first, I spent a few dreamy moments flipping through it and you know what? I really enjoyed seeing my daydreams and goals in print!

Tomorrow’s a big one and one that I imagine will cause some consternation, so be sure to come back for that entry in our 30 Chic Days journey!






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