Day 21 – Inspire Yourself

For Day 21 of the 30 Chic Days, Mme. Ferris makes the suggestion to “inspire yourself.” This one intrigued me – and I think you’ll like it, too.

20f19605d699493b21bc7aaf91a14e26-buddha-painting-buddha-artSimply put, she’s suggesting that we look inward for motivation. As she puts it, doing this can be the difference between “pushing yourself towards something versus being pulled towards the same thing.”

It’s a fact that our brains can be tricked rather easily – therapists and counselors often encourage their clients and patients to employ the technique of positive self-talk. Keep in mind that we’re not using the old SNL skit of “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!” of Stuart Smalley. But it is true that our brains work hard to solve the puzzles we present to them and if we present the questions in a positive way, our brains will work to find positive solutions. Really, it’s all in the framing. She uses this example – “why am I so fat?” is a lousy way to frame the question, as it sets up all sorts of negative self-talk that discourages and de-motivates, whereas “how can I be consistently slim in a fun, easy way?” is a question that might deal with the same issues, but gets your mind working along a far more positive track.

She also suggests what she calls the “Twenty Ideas” method, which is a form of brainstorming. (She credits Brian Tracy for this one. He, in return, has credited Earl Nightingale.) Simply write down your good, well-framed question, then don’t stop answering until you have twenty potential answers written down. She reminds us that the last few might be hard to reach, but often are the most worthwhile ones, so don’t give up before you get there! She includes an example with this entry and you can see that some ideas are more practical than others – that’s okay. The whole point is to get it on paper.

She also suggests writing down your desires in the present tense, as if they already exist. This is another good “brain trick.” So it’s not “I want to keep my office organized.” Instead it’s “My desk is always tidy and clear.”

I like this one. I’m proof that you can read all the organizing tips you can get your hands on, but in the final analysis, it has to be YOU making the changes!

So – we’re three weeks in to our tour of 30 Chic Days. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!





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