Day 29 – Walk Your Errands

For Day 29, Mme. Ferris suggests that we “walk our errands.” For me, this was a nice reminder – you see, I’m visiting with my parents and this entry was a gentle nudge to go explore Uptown on foot. My husband and I parked the car at one end of the shopping area of Main Street and casually strolled down to the other, stopping in various shops along the way. We hardly ever do this in our own town, but sometimes a simple change of scenery is all you need.

You can take it down a notch from this!

What Mme. Ferris is suggesting, by the way, is not trying to speed-walk through your weekly errands or that you walk to the shopping center that is eight miles away. Instead, she’s suggesting that – as we discussed on Day 7 where the focus was on “chic movement” – that we work walking into our everyday lives. Face it, it’s exercise all of us can do without any fancy equipment. So make a date with yourself to take 20 minutes of your lunch break and take a walk. When you go to that shopping center, don’t jockey for the closest-to-the-door parking space. Instead, park as far away as you can and get a little walking in. Pick up a reuseable grocery bag, dab on some lipstick, and grab those oversized sunglasses and get your idealized French girl out in the sunshine to buy some vegetables for soup. Buy yourself a colorful, inexpensive folding umbrella and a decent raincoat and get moving!

Every little bit helps and being outside in the sunshine – or even in the gloom of an overcast day – is a much-needed break from being hunched over a desk under the glare of fluorescent lights.

We’re coming to the end of our tour through 30 Chic Days – I can’t wait to see the ending! I hope it’s a joyful one!






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