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  • Joie 25 – Reading

    Joie 25 – Reading

    I’m a reader. Always have been. I grew up in a family that prized education and books and I had my first library card (a pasteboard affair with a little metal plate embedded in it) before I could actually read. Reading is, and always has been, an activity that gives me tremendous joy. That’s not…

  • Joie 24 – The Cozy Edition!

    Joie 24 – The Cozy Edition!

    It has arrived. That first day where it’s logical to turn on the heat on the commute to work, even though you know that you’ll be using the A/C on the return trip. Yes, that’s fall in the South. That means it’s time to spend some time seriously considering an important issue – coziness. Ever…

  • Joie 23 – Fall!

    Joie 23 – Fall!

    Oh, I know. Fall gets a bad reputation, in large part due to pumpkin spice overtaking absolutely everything. (And yes, I enjoy pumpkin spice in my coffee. But I can cheerfully admit that it’s gotten out of hand.) Here in the South, summer lingers quite a while – fall is an absolute delight and relief,…