Joie 23 – Fall!

Oh, I know. Fall gets a bad reputation, in large part due to pumpkin spice overtaking absolutely everything. (And yes, I enjoy pumpkin spice in my coffee. But I can cheerfully admit that it’s gotten out of hand.) Here in the South, summer lingers quite a while – fall is an absolute delight and relief, but you can never be too sure when it’s coming and how long it’ll stay. I suppose that uncertain scarcity is what makes it so desirable.

For me, fall is a number of things. Those big cushion chrysanthemums that show up everywhere. Pumpkins, gourds, and dry cornstalks artfully arranged on straw bales on front porches. Football games. Suddenly realizing the yard needs to be raked. Going for a drive to get a little altitude to see leaves in gold, orange, and red in such profusion you need to pull over and just marvel at ridge after ridge of beauty. Apples. Walnuts. The smell of soup that has simmered all day. A lively discussion over whether that’s a “soup” or if it’s thick enough to be a “stew.” And over all of it, catching the smell of wood smoke as neighbors start up fireplaces.

Fall is all about slowing down a bit and relishing abundance, so I really try to make time for these things. Harvest festivals are our reward for canning, pickling, preserving, and planning. All is truly safely gathered in, as the hymn tells us.

Make taking time your fall habit. Whether that involves going to a ball game or taking an extra walk around your neighborhood, take time. Ink it into your calendar every day if you need to.

But take time.

Seek joy, Divas!





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