Beginning – Again!

I’ve been away from Splendor for far too long, which is a regrettable shame. But now I’m back and – just like you – I need to re-learn the basics, so we’re going to do this together.

As I’ve said before, part of the push to begin Splendor came from my personal whirligigging as I was buffeted by winds of change. In the last year, I’ve dealt with challenges on the personal, spiritual, moral, and professional levels. Dealing with all of that can exhaust even the most strident of divas! But now, thanks to understanding friends; a loving and supportive family; a Universe that does, indeed, bend toward justice; and a little bit of pixie dust, things are settling down and I am in a Very Good Place.

However, I took a look around after the boxes were unpacked and the business cards ordered and realized that I was more than a little burned out from fourteen months of high-stress living. So – together – we’re going to get back on the Diva Track. Let’s start with a simple, five-step exercise:

First – stop. Just stop for ten minutes and think about the good things in your life. Yes, there’s plenty of terrible and we’ll deal with that – but for ten minutes (set a timer if you need to) just think about the “good stuff.” When your mind wanders down the mine shaft of despair and drudgery, gently (Divas are gentle creatures, as often as they possibly can be) nudge it back to the positive.

Second – tell someone who matters to you that they matter to you. Don’t assume that they know it. In today’s world, a text will do but Divas go that extra step, so make a phone call, walk down the hall tomorrow at work to tell them personally, or even drop them an actual, written-on-paper note. (Outrageous, right?) The more personal, the better. Divas know that everything in this world – EVERYTHING – centers on relationships and if you’ve been stressed out, you’ve probably (like me – sigh) been neglecting a few that are very, very important to you. Fix that.

Third – make a list of five very specific things you want to improve in your life. The temptation is often to choose Very Big Things, as if this list is a New Year’s resolution list (eat better, exercise more, save money, clean the house, take up painting) but don’t worry. Just make the list.

Fourth – look over the list and make the items on it VERY SPECIFIC. In other words, you don’t want to “exercise more,” you want to “ride my bike twice a week” or “walk around the neighborhood after dinner on Friday.” Small, easy achievable goals are what you’re looking to create here – Divas LOVE being able to cross items off a list while smiling with satisfaction.

Fifth – commit to learning the Diva secrets to living lushly, regardless of your circumstances. This takes observation, preparation, and commitment. Otherwise – as I can attest – you’re going to find yourself standing knee-deep in a river of abundance thinking that you’re dying of thirst.

Let’s go!






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