December Delights – Day 13!

There’s no doubt that these holidays are different from past years. One way I know this is that North Carolina is closing its courthouses (beginning tomorrow) for at least 30 days. As Covid continues to rage, eleven county courthouses reported closures due to infection in just the last week. Courthouses almost NEVER close, for reasons that should be obvious. But even Lady Justice is wearing a mask these days.

That doesn’t mean that the holidays are canceled, of course, but they sure look different. There are no parades, visits to Santa are “drive through,” and Advent services look very different. This is why it’s all the more important to seek ways to make the holiday season meaningful, which is really what “December Delights” is all about.

Building that food box as a sort of Reverse Advent Calendar is one very concrete way to make sure you’re actively thinking of those who have it worse than you this year. Today, I added tuna to the box, along with some extra hygiene items that I had. I also am thinking about dropping some dog food off at the local animal shelter as well. 

For today’s “Diva drill,” take a few extra minutes and give your hands some tender loving care. We’re starting to be in the “ouch – my hands are cracking!” portion of the year. Remove any traces of old polish and give yourself a DIY manicure, even it it’s a simple one involving nothing more than shaping the nails, pushing back the cuticles, and painting clear polish on. (You can go far in a more elaborate style, of course!) Our hands do a lot of work this time of year – say “thank you!” to them.

From the bookshelf today, I chose an edited collection called Southern Christmas, which has wonderful pieces by authors as varied as Mark Twain and Harper Lee to James Dickey and Langston Hughes. Rick Bragg’s excerpt from his marvelous All Over But the Shoutin’ is a constant favorite of mine.

In the world of holiday prep, I put out the last bits and bobs in the house and I’m partway through a project I’ll share with you tomorrow. I didn’t finish it today because during my walk in uptown (trying to get a little exercise every day), I came across a church group caroling in masks and joined in for a few old favorites. What a hoot that was! I don’t sing very well, and I’m cursed with having a good enough ear to know just how badly off-key I am, but it was great fun and they were all gracious about by caterwauling. 

Come back tomorrow!






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