December Delights – Day 19!

No matter how carefully we plan, Life is sometimes going to have its own way. Walking the Diva path isn’t about demanding that Life conform to our desires and wishes; it’s about handling the changes in plans with grace and poise.

Some days I manage to do that. Others, well . . . 

However, I find that when my day is going sideways hard and fast, it’s a good idea to stop and consider. Once I do that, often (not always, but often) a plan emerges that doesn’t involve screaming into a pillow. Sometimes there’s not much you can actually DO about a situation and, as Tom Petty so pithily reminds us, “the waiting is the hardest part.”

Knowing that I needed to write a post today gave me some structure. I’m going to go out of order a bit here – I think it’ll make more sense that way and hey, my day was a little haywire, so why shouldn’t the post be? Exactly.

I added a box of cereal to the Reverse Advent Calendar box. No real use building a feast if tummies are going to be growling the morning afterwards. 

For holiday prep, I wrapped presents today. The paper looks good – I can do nice sharp corners – but ribbons and bows – well. But hey – they’re wrapped and festive. 

From the bookshelf, I chose a cheery favorite that was a thrift shop find – The Bath Gourmet by Rhonda Van. This book is indispensable to me on bad days – while I considered the “Pirate Bath,” I wound up going for more “soothe” and less “arrgh!” by choosing the “Seaweed Bath.” Seriously – this is a great book that has upped my home hydrotherapy game. 

Today’s “Diva drill” was – you guessed it – taking some time to prepare the Seaweed Bath (Epsom salt, sesame oil from the kitchen, and prepared seaweed wrappers people usually use for home sushi night). True, mine was no where near as fancy as the rose petal bath at the top of the post, but a good solid 20-minute soak in a darkened, candlelit room with a Japanese face mask (again, divas don’t pay retail! Shop cannily!) and a mug of White Rose’s Holiday Magic tea (which you can also make into ice cream!), followed by just going straight to pajamas and – well, your attitude can turn around rather quickly! And the sloth tea infuser also helped – they’re just such happy-seeming animals!

See you tomorrow, Divas. 





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