Advent 4 – Be Present

So much of this “Advent Adventure” comes down to that – just be present. It’s the end of the semester, which is a tumultuous time. Add in the holidays and the people crossing your path can be all sorts of half-crazed with stress, pressure, and worry.

All the more reason to start with a hot cup of perfectly-doctored coffee and a short meditation (honestly, I’m thrilled at how easy it’s been to add a 5-7 minute morning meditation to my routine!), for once I got to work, it was gogogo with a symphony of problems and responsibilities. For the most part, I’d say I juggled pretty well today – I met the challenges of holding the door for someone and really listening to at least one person today (I did catch myself “waiting for it to be my turn to talk,” which is most definitely not listening, but success is rarely total in developing new habits.)

For instance, while I managed to take care of several “brush fire” sized problems at work and I also managed to fit in “creative movement” today by walking everywhere once I arrived at work instead of driving across campus for meetings (gentle, easy exercise still counts, you know!), I didn’t fit in any French today and I didn’t get any Christmas decorating done, either.  Oh, and the dog snuck into the kitchen and dragged yesterday’s homemade bread into the living room, where she proceeded to eat a big chunk of it before being discovered. So it’s pizza night. Well, that’s okay, too. It’s not about being perfect every day; it’s about doing the best I can.

Say it louder for the Divas in the back – It’s not about being perfect every day; it’s about doing the best I can!

So there are “box potatoes” in the food box, and I’ve found a great place to drop off the finished food box – turns out a newly-formed group is sprinkling refurbished newspaper stands across town as Little Free Pantries!

And tomorrow is another day.

Breathe, Diva. You’re doing just fine.





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