Advent 5 – Be Positive, Not Perfect

After the first several days of this “Advent Adventure,” I thought it might be easier if I returned to a variation of bullet journaling to quickly check in on my daily goals. I settled on nine categories (side note: to my Celtic forebears, nine is a mystical, powerful number, seeing as it’s made up of three threes. While I didn’t set out to come up with that number, I like the symmetry of it.)

I’m checking in on:

  1. Meditation
  2. French
  3. Creative Movement
  4. Food Box
  5. Reverse Advent Calendar (“RAC”) 1
  6. RAC 2
  7. Christmas-related “stuff”
  8. Keeping the blog
  9. Drinking at least 64 ounces of water

Remembering that perfectionism is a disease, I’m trying to not get too worked up if I can’t check off every box, every day. Today, for example, I didn’t drink nearly enough water and I skipped any sort of creative movement. (Remember that yoga flow class two days ago? Well, I wasn’t sore the day after – but I sure was TODAY!!) However, let’s look at the big picture . . .

I started the day with a check-in meditation (that’s #1 on my list) – and the subject today was how to not take everything so personally, which is a GREAT topic for me at this time of year! (Seriously – check out the Shine app. Start with the free version.) I put mac ‘n’ cheese in the food box (#4). I spent a lovely afternoon at my office’put-together-super-quickly Open House (#7), where my colleagues and I really spent some good quality time together for the first time all semester (our schedules tend to go in four different directions). We all contributed sweets (yes, I took some of that “Christmas crack”) and beverages and, while not many folks stopped by (again, we put this together REALLY quickly!), I think all of us had a good time getting to know each other a bit better. I tried hard to listen fully to what others had to say (#5) and I stayed behind to tidy up and made sure to leave behind a nice note (#6) with the leftover treats for others to enjoy. At home, I started my next French lesson (#2) and made sure to sit down and write up this blog entry (#8).

Looking at it from that perspective, not bad at all! And I have to say, with the benefit of being five days in to the “Advent Adventure,” I’m really enjoying this focus on doing for others and consciously getting out of my own way.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!





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