December Delights – Day 9!

As we all know, 2020 has brought a number of unpleasant challenges into our lives, stemming primarily from the emergence of the Covid-19 virus. That managed to upend some of my own holiday plans for the next few days, and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I was advised to take today as a “reset” sort of day, and I’m grateful that I both had that opportunity and took that advice. Yes, i wish my plans hadn’t been thrown into the ditch, but “seek and ye shall find.” I needed to seek for some loveliness around me, so I made the effort and I found it. Funny how that works most days.  

I added green beans to the Reverse Advent Calendar box today – a number of canned vegetables will be added throughout the Advent period and please keep in mind that you should feel free to add whatever you like to your own box. (I, for instance, dislike creamed corn, so I never add that.)

My “Diva drill” today was really the entire “reset” day – I worked on a watercolor that I had started and needed to walk away from before I just overdid the whole thing. (The first attempt didn’t go well – I was trying too hard. Watercolor, for me, works best when I’m loose and happy and not trying so darned hard and am willing to just let things spread and blend and be unpredictable. It’s sometimes very hard for me to let go enough to do that.) I spent a good bit of the day wrapped in fleecy pajamas, there was some delicious locally-made bread, a bit of reading, and a long bubble bath with book. I also met a good friend for a long walk-and-talk that began with a really good coffee from one of our local independent coffee shops – I strongly recommend Lily Bean, by the way (they roast their own coffee beans!). I left it up to the barista to make me something cheerful and hot – she asked me a few questions to ascertain my taste and mood, then concocted a peppermint mocha “lavish latte.”  It was PERFECT! Reset days – never overlook the importance of them – and tip your barista.

Speaking of books, I’m reading John Baxter’s Five Nights in Paris which is less of a guidebook  to the City of Light and more of a valentine to Paris. The book is divided into five sections, with each one devoted to one of the five senses and is really a collection of vignettes and anecdotes. Just the thing I needed today. 

We’re letting the cats get used to the tree – River, our newest kitty, is still adjusting to the house. She’s a rescue who was so sick she wasn’t even dodging cars in the parking lot she was found in. She’s much better now, and is even climbing the Christmas tree (photographic evidence attached) and, more importantly, the cats seem to be getting along. So for today’s “holiday prep,” I drove down my street which is beautifully decorated with lights and just took time to marvel. During the day, yes, you see the elaborate system of cords and plugs, but at night – it really is a fairyland.

Plans may change but that doesn’t mean the universe is out to get you. Find the roses!

See you tomorrow!





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