December Delights – Day 23!

According to the Seinfeld tradition, today is Festivus, a holiday marked by a bare aluminum pole and the “Airing of Grievances” (along with “Feats of Strength”). 2020 has been an unkind year for many of us in many ways – I daresay the Airing of Festivus Grievances took longer than usual!

However, the Yuletide season has its charms and joys. After adding a can of tomatoes (a seriously versatile ingredient!) to the Reverse Advent Calendar box, I spent today enjoying hunting for those charms and joys. 

I was helped by two websites I’ve become quite partial to and decided to use them as my Diva drill today. I really urge you to check out both Postsecret and Humans of New York. They are wonderful reminders that we never know someone else’s story and that we ought to be careful about thinking that we do. We are such strong, fragile, remarkable, resilient, broken creatures and judging people by their outward appearances is foolish and short-sighted. Let Frank Warren of Postsecret explain.

From the bookshelf today, I chose a new book I received for early Christmas – the Humans of New York collection. No one is truly a stranger, for we all long for many of the same things – love, security, safety, and to feel we matter. 

It can barely be called “holiday prep” at this point – I suppose I should switch it to “holiday celebration.” Today’s joys included a walk with a good friend and a peppermint mocha and watching Christmas Chronicles 2 surrounded by my Beloved and the Furs.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Take time to marvel, ponder, and consider that magic is real – for at least one night.

Come back tomorrow!





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