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I remember there used to be a bumper sticker that said, “My taste is simple. I only want the best.” I also remember that I thought that was eye-rollingly arrogant and self-absorbed. (Then again, it’s basically an Oscar Wilde quote, so . . . ) I still do, but I also sort of see the point.

Bear with me.

I don’t meant “the best” as someone else pronounces it to be so. Wagyu beef, Mikimoto pearls, Faberge eggs, a Birkin bag – these are all Very Nice Things to be sure, but none of them are what I’m talking about. No, for this Joie post, I’m referring to things exactly as YOU like them. It (whatever “it” is) might not be anyone else’s cup of tea, but YOU enjoy it, thereby making it the best.

I had an epiphany on this during the last week when I met a friend (and art patron – River of Cream watercolors are picking up steam as the global 100 Day Project begins in a week! You should think about joining) at a burger joint a couple of towns over – his choice. In addition to the set menu, you had the option of making your own burger. I gleefully took this option, carefully selecting my burger (buffalo), bun (multigrain), cheese (American – not my usual, but this was made in-house, which I thought just HAD to be fresh! Plus – homemade cheese? Heck, yeah!), and a variety of toppings. It was decadent.

But also – it was exactly what I wanted. EXACTLY. Nothing I had to pick off, or eat around, or drive the waitstaff crazy by asking for substitutions. It. Was. Perfect. (As was the company, which is really the best sauce anyway.)

Later that day, I was browsing in a store – a first for me since spring. (Covid – I hate you so much.) I really want a pair of simple black knit pants. Soft like sweatpants, dressy enough to wear to work, not clingy like leggings. I didn’t find them, although I found a few things that were close.

And here’s the epiphany.

In the past, that would have been Good Enough. It wouldn’t have been what I wanted; not really, but it Would Have Done and I’d have meekly purchased some things that didn’t really suit, but were okay.

Divas say No to such things – and I’m finally ready to be a full-fledged-in-marabou Diva.

I put the not-quite-right things back and left empty-handed. I’ll find the right thing when I’m supposed to. I know this to be true and in the meantime, I’m not settling. The other side of this situation is that I have a few outfits I can wear to work but I have a closet that is stuffed with clothes. These offenders either don’t fit quite right (but almost), or I spent too much on them (so I don’t think I can get rid of them), or sixteen other excuses.

No. More. Settling.

I’m clearing it out. All of it. Those high-heeled boots that are so cute but always make my feet hurt after an hour – out! The darling dress that always rides up too much – see ya! If it’s not perfect and doesn’t make me happy (yeah, yeah, Marie Kondo – I see you), it no longer deserves space in my closet. Instead, I’ll try my hand at reselling the better pieces to start a fund to buy what I really, really want and a few thrift shops are going to be very happy with me. Another plus? I’ll be better able to see what I have that DOES suit me – like this combo from today (incidentally, both the leopard-print sweater and the climbing panther brooch are from secondhand shops – sharp-eyed browsing pays off!) as I channeled my inner Gaga. (Seriously – did you SEE her demure-by-her-standards inauguration ensemble? Glorious.)

Get. The. Best. You don’t need anything else. Patrick knows that.






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  1. Twisted Libra Avatar

    I did this same thing the other day. Cleaned out my entire kitchen. Got rid of old seasonings and such. Disposed of old gadgets and mismatched containers. Reorganized everything. Did the same with my bathroom. If I haven’t used something in 6 months, I don’t need it. It felt quite cathartic to let go of all that unnecessary clutter. Our home is a reflection of our emotional well-being. As I get older, I find myself needing far less in order to be truly happy.

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