Joie 11 – Updating!

Whew – what a week! To twist the Bard into a pretzel, some weeks are born stressful, some have stress thrust upon them, and some achieve stressiness. (Apologies to Twelfth Night. I’ll go put on cross-gartered yellow stockings as penance.) The last week just sort of got away from me with multiple responsibilities and obligations.

But I carved out time to keep up with The 100-Day Project (we’re on Day 48 today!) and I really wanted to showcase that work, so I took time tonight to update the “River of Cream” page here on the site to feature the ongoing efforts for The 100 Day Project. You can see all the current paintings beneath this post in a gallery – hover over any painting you like and you’ll be able to see a larger version.

Everything is for sale, of course, and prices are reasonable – nothing is more than $50 (that includes tax, but shipping may add up to $5 in the United States. International – we’ll talk) and I’m willing to make “bundle deals” for three or more paintings. Every day’s effort is also featured on Instagram  and Twitter (@splendorsticks) as well as Facebook (SplendorInTheSticks) – you can get to all of those from here; just look at the bottom for the social media tags and follow along!

Painting – even when it doesn’t go the way I expected it to – brings me joy. There’s not much rhyme or reason to the paintings that have gone into The 100 Day Project – sometimes it’s people, sometimes it’s possums, occasionally it’s plants.  It’s whimsy one day and attempts at realism another. Honestly, that’s what keeps it fresh and fun.

I really do recommend it!





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