Joie 17 – Free Time

I have just returned from a long weekend away from the cares of work, home, and family. To be truly successful, I have found that trips like these (which I also consider an Essential on the Diva Path; you can find other Essentials by searching for that term in the “look here” bar) need to be taken solo to bring maximum joy.

I know many women find that hard to believe and/or achieve, so bear with me.

Coming out of the pandemic, it is my belief that all of us are carrying around some extra stress and worry that is the result of keeping the world spinning for the last year-plus. We’ve been carrying this for so long that we don’t even notice it – it just isAnd it’s crucial that we spend some time examining that and marveling at the fact that we kept putting one foot in front of the other. That is all preparatory to putting the weight down and walking away from it.

These are tasks best done alone and at your own pace.

For me, that meant a long weekend at a place that has long been a place of healing for me. I have deep roots there and many vivid memories of being there at various points of my life. I needed to run on my own schedule – sleep when I wanted to, eat what I wanted to, and go where I wanted to. It sounds simple, and yet I find it very difficult to do. I have a life that is full of people I care about, causes I cherish, and work I value. It’s not easy to walk away from all that; even for a short period of time.

Yet is it absolutely essential – especially right now.

Add to that the fact that today is International Tiara Day (Queen Victoria’s birthday) and you might just find yourself making plans to have a solo getaway. It’s fine to start small. Carve out twenty minutes to spend just with yourself – not doing household chores or staring at a screen! What you do with this time isn’t really that important, although I suggest trying something to rest and focus your mind like a short guided meditation. Work your way up to a brief solo outing like taking a walk in a local park or going to see a matinee (theaters are opening back up, but you still might have the place basically to yourself). Try an at-home spa day – that one takes some preparation, but I’ve outlined a guide for you that might be useful.

Get to know what you like to do and how you like to spend your time. It’s so easy to just go along with the current trends and not think about what YOU really enjoy, but that way lies confusion and doubt.

Spend some time with yourself. Wear a sparkly crown if you like.

It’s your time!

Seek joy, Divas!





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