Self-Care Sunday – 7

I was supposed to start this post by telling you how great it was to be a homeowner again but – well, “we plan, God laughs.” At the final walk-through a big problem revealed itself that hadn’t been evident during the home inspection and the whole process had to come to a screeching halt. We spent a couple of days scurrying to get qualified estimates and put together our proposal to the seller – we’ll see what happens. It’s disappointing, no doubt, but it’s also a blessing to have found this BEFORE we signed on the dotted line.

So, how do you approach self-care in such “hair on fire” sorts of days?

You already know the answer – you make it a priority. And you scale down. In my case, I:

  • Made celebrating my goddaughter’s birthday a priority.
  • Made sure to drink plenty of water and wash my face. (It’s fine to scale down and sometimes, this is the best I can do.)
  • Drank really good coffee.
  • Kept our appointment to have a really good dinner out. It had been planned as our “yay, we closed on the house!” celebration, and we decided we needed the lift maybe a little more than before. Also, it gave us time as a couple to connect and remember why we’re building this life together in the first place.
  • Spent some time hand-washing some delicates. Remember, some things are an Essential!
  • Enjoyed comfort food and finally watched Encanto, which is thoroughly charming and reminded me that I don’t have to, in the words of Brené Brown, “hustle for my worth.” I am enough.
  • Did a little book-browsing and came home with a few gems for a few dollars, ranging from the silly to the sublime. And a comfort read.
  • Speaking of gems, I discovered that today is “National Jewel Day.” (I love that “holiday a day” calendar!) I took that as a sign to spend a little time on myself. Instead of rushing through a shower and throwing my hair into a quick ponytail, I took a little extra time, gave my clean hair a decent blow-out, made sure to wear perfume and red lipstick, and put on some of the good sparklies. So what if I was just staying at home? A half-holiday was a good idea today.

Remember that self-care is for the hard days, too.

It’s especially for the hard days. And only by practicing do we make taking care of ourselves a habit so that when the bad days come (as they inevitably will), we know what to do without thinking.

Practice, Divas!





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