Roses & Staying At Home

Since I last wrote, more and more states have issued “stay at home” orders to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Working from home has proven difficult – my day job is to teach law and this semester I had taken on an overload class in addition to my usual responsibilities. Although I’ve taught online classes for quite a few years (shh – let’s not discuss numbers), this is a completely different experience, since neither students nor faculty expected these to be online courses. “Scramble” is the kindest way to put it. We’re pulling together and we’ll get through it, but this is far from ideal – and self-care may be more important than ever right now. It’s also harder to accomplish – for me, my Calvinist streak has reared its hoary head to scold me for being nothing more than a frivolous flibbertigibbet.

The fact that this voice in my head is wrong doesn’t stop it at all, I’m afraid. My year-long journey to “find roses” was in danger of being thrown totally off-track. It became very important to stop and take inventory of what was going on and what I could manage in such unsettled times.

Three things that have helped during this trying time are meditation (I really do recommend the Shine app – use the free version for a few days to see if it’s right for you), exercise (I finally decided to upgrade to a newer tracker – it’ll take about two weeks to get to me, since it’s not an “essential item,” but I’m looking forward to using it), and being creative every day by participating in The 100-Day Project. My Lenten paintings went by the wayside, but I’m working hard to carve out painting time again. (By the way, I really recommend that you consider being part of #the100dayproject – don’t tell me you aren’t creative! What I loved so much about it last year [the first year I was part of it] was the enthusiastic support I received for my efforts. Look into it – you won’t regret it!)

As a result of the Brave New World in which we’re living, people have gotten creative in how they’re supporting small businesses.  (Aside – why not buy a gift certificate to a small local business this week? Book store, florist, hairdresser – any of these (and plenty of others) could really use your support right now and you’ll have a nice bonus once things begin to open back up – really, it’s a win-win! And if you’re making use of delivery options for meals, groceries, etc., please be sure you’re tipping generously. We’re discovering that much of our society is dependent on folks making less than $10 an hour – be a good person, not an entitled nitwit.) In my part of the sticks, one woman has stated a “Local Online Vendor Fair.” The Facebook group focuses on one small artist/artisan per day and gives that person a day to showcase their wares as a way to substitute for the now-canceled arts fairs that are usually scheduled for this time of year.

With my heart in my throat, I reached out to see if River of Cream would be acceptable to the Vendor Fair and I’m thrilled to announce that yes! On Sunday, May 3, River of Cream will be the “spotlight artist” on the Vendor Fair – please come see what I have to offer! Prices will begin at a mere $15 (and prices include all applicable taxes and shipping in the continental United States!) as part of my belief that everyone deserves original art.

Be safe. Stay at home. Find roses where you are!






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