December Delights – Day 6!

As we move through these postings, it’s important to remember two things – first, everything in these “December Delights” postings  should only be regarded as suggestions. Feel free to substitute or entirely skip over ideas. The whole point here is to make the holiday season more joyful, not more stressful!

For instance, today I added a can of chicken noodle soup to my Reverse Advent Calendar food box. It might be that you don’t want to add canned soup, or you would prefer to have a vegetarian box. That’s fine! The idea here is to create a full box of good food to drop off on Christmas Eve, so you don’t want a dozen cans of all the same thing, no matter how much you might like that particular item.  Mix it up however you want to!

For today’s Diva drill, I suggest getting outside if the weather permits. I’ve been inside a lot lately – the end of the semester has a number of tasks that keep me screen-bound – and it was a cold, but clear and beautiful day. So a good friend and I met up for a bike ride on a flat trail – we need some work on proper layering techniques for our clothes. Our plans post-ride included cocoa and a fire, but we had a good time and got some sunshine and fresh air as well.  Getting brisk exercise is nearly always a good idea and making it a priority – in whatever form you like – is a game-changer.

From the bookshelf today, I selected Alex Haley’s A Different Kind of Christmas which is set in western North Carolina where I live. In this story, a planter’s son discovers a whole new way of looking at life when he goes away to college and coming home for Christmas means having to square what he’s learned with what he’s known.

As a holiday update – well, the tree is down from the attic. Tomorrow it’ll get set up and we might get the lights up on the porch.  Also, having learned a lesson or two from a good friend, there’s fudge in the fridge right now.*

More tomorrow!

*Thanks, Lloyd.





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